Text Box: June Boon is a pioneer echocardiographer in veterinary medicine. She has been following the evolution of the veterinary echocardiography and her constant searching for knowledge makes her a highly competent and up-to-date professional. June has been contributing to the learning in veterinary echocardiography around the world through her classes, courses, lectures, and books and other didactic materials, which are mandatory references for those who want to learn this important subject in veterinary cardiology. Her numerous publications have been providing important data in the echocardiography field. 
June is hardworking, dedicated, friendly, kind and sweet. Her passion for veterinary echocardiography, her didactic skills, her training ability and her innumerable personal qualities become her not only an outstanding echocardiographer but also a brilliant teacher and an amazing person. Being trained by her was to me a pleasant and worth learning experience. I´m grateful for the knowledge I have gained from her.

James Newton Bizetto Meira de Andrade
DVM; MSc; PhD 
Professor of Small Animal Clinics and Surgery - UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DO PARANÁ - Curitiba - PR - Brazil

Text Box: June Boon has been teaching with Sound-Eklin for close to 12 years.  She, along with our other teaching staff, have enabled our Education Department to be considered the best in the industry.  We have veterinarians and technicians come to our classes from all over the world.
	Her teaching ability, both didactic and hands-on, are renowned.  June is excellent at tweaking 2D, MMode, and Doppler images, as well as establishing working presets.
Text Box: For the third consecutive year our Society,  CARDIEC ( Veterinary Cardiologists and Abdominal Sonographers Italian Society, www.cardiec.com)  is organizing the annual basic and advanced level practical echocardiography courses with June Boon.  In  previous years, all of us and all the people attending the courses (a few of them attended the courses for two consecutive years and some came from abroad!) were enthusiasts for the incredible teaching of June who makes even difficult things very easy to understand.  We also appreciate the incredible and strenuous effort she puts



Text Box: 	She is one of the few people to take the time to write an excellent book on veterinary echocardiography and create a wonderful CD and other teaching tools.   June has been instrumental in creating curriculum for the DVM and Veterinary Technician Imaging year long programs, as well as teaching at them.  These programs are the first of their kind, and graduates from these will help take veterinary ultrasound to a higher level.	
	She employs a quiet, gracious, and simplistic teaching style that the students rave about.  She is very personable, and goes the “extra mile” to ensure her students achieve their goals.   She develops a rapport with them, and is always available to them for help, even years after a class. 

Joyce Holt
Director of Education
Academy of Veterinary Imaging
2409 Avenue J, Ste. C
Arlington, TX  76006
Text Box: in every time, and in every hour of the day (she looks tireless and she is not satisfied till all the course delegates are satisfied).  This year all the available places were sold out early.  Evaluations after the previous judged her with a  mean score of 9.5 (from 1 to 10, the best results that a teacher has had in Italy).  None of us can image an echocardiographic course without her.
Luigi Venco DVM, SPCA, EVC Diplomate
President of CARDIEC Scientific committee
Christine Castelletto DVM                                Andrea Ciocca DVM
CARDIEC President                                          CARDIEC Vice-President