June was introduced to veterinary ultrasound in 1979 when she was looking for work at Colorado State University.  She was given the opportunity to help a radiology resident develop scanning techniques in animals using an old stiff arm B-mode imager that had been donated to CSU by a human hospital.  After about 6 months an m-mode machine was donated to CSU and she was asked to try obtaining m-mode images in animals.  At the time there were only a handful of veterinary references in the literature, all very general regarding and all m-mode only regarding the potential of diagnostic ultrasound.  Eventually given the choice of developing either the abdominal or the cardiac ultrasound program,  the choice was easy,  the dynamic field of echocardiography won!

             Since 1980, she has continued to be challenged with new modalities and diagnostic information about  two dimensional imaging, spectral Doppler, color flow Doppler, tissue Doppler, etc.  She developed normal reference ranges for the dog, the cat and llamas. She has helped hundreds of veterinarians learn the skill of echocardiography and its interpretation.  Her Manual of Veterinary Echocardiography remains the only book dedicated completely to echocardiography and is an acclaimed resource used by both generalists and specialists.  Echocardiography remains a passion of hers and she loves to teach others to learn and enjoy this diagnostic modality.

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